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Monday, April 23, 2007

Icehockey is like religion, so Elly and Rikkert fit in

Alone again.. Marcel is somewhere in the air tonight and I will have to try and tune into writing again. Tonight that's difficult (a bit melancholy/missing, yep I am able to miss someone) and parties on every streetcorner: the Canucks have made it to the second level of the play offs. Who cares? Just about the whole of Vancouver. They are hooting their way through traffic tonight out of sheer delight. We're talking Ice Hockey here. Not soccer, of course. Somebody told me one of the reasons for not buying small cars here is that Ice hockey material does NOT fit into a Smart car. Sounds reasonable. I just can't picture men getting out of a Smart and into the heavy protection gear they need to survive the terrorism on ice that basically makes up ice hockey. It would change the game from deadly serious to ironic, I think. They're not ready for that. I can tell. Keep it big and serious, boys!

Anyway we went to Derek de Lint's favorite restaurant in Vancouver (Rodney's Oyster House) for a second time, to have our farewell lunch. We liked the Stellar Bay oysters the best.
But now the good times are over and work is waiting. Have even installed new software so I can finally look at some videos on the Dutch VPRO website, where they have such favorite programs on sixties, seventies and eighties phenomena. Have watched an item on Elly and Rikkert. Two hippies who sang Dutch folksongs at the end of the sixties, before starting a commune which disintegrated during the seventies (another example of 'sixties freedom' turning sour in the seventies). Elly and Rikkert followed the stream of time and fell into Jesus in 1975, singing gospelfolk for the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasters. Reminded me to also look into Lucas and Jenny Goeree, two radical evangelists from the eighties. One lead leads to another.

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