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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hope for the planet?

1. In the Vancouver paper: they have discovered a planet with water. Everybody excited. I never get the egocentric idea behind the excitement: “if there is water there might be life..!”. Thinking out of the box as well as the earth, we might start to contemplate life forms that don’t need water..
2. Also in the paper: a Canadian professor was denied entrance to the USA, because he has experimented with LSD somewhere before 1974. He never got arrested for that though. How did they know at the border: they checked him on the net. Amazing but true: he once wrote about his LSD experiment on a site. Beware travelers.. This man will not be allowed into the States ever again for.. writing on the net, basically. Just to let you know: I don’t do drugs.
3. The better side of America is American Idols. They had a fund raiser tonight. Moving clips on the hunger in Africa. Great performances. Mostly. I’m not really into Josh Groban and Il Divo. But Earth Wind & Fire and Annie Lennox were nice (there is a good EWF tribute CD out, by the way, with Chaka Khan and Angie Stone). Amazing live performance of Celine Dion with.... Elvis Presley. 3D technology is really getting out of hand.. How many Americans will now strongly believe Elvis is truly alive and well and living in Vegas..? Slight comment: they raised 30 million until now. Didn’t we raise 200 million for Tsunami relieve in Holland alone two years ago? C’mon America, you can do better than that! Perhaps we can find a way to move water from the new planet to Africa?
4. Yes I have written bits on theory today. But they will not go onto this log. Too long, but you can always buy the book!
5. Rosie O’Donnel is leaving her daytime show. Have watched it a few times. Barbara Walters is also one of the hosts. Basically it’s four women commenting on the news. But well done, not in a Talpa sort of way, I mean. Rosie is funny and real. Tonight on the news I will hear why she’s leaving. She was a bit on the sharp side for America the last few days..


anja said...

Ha Tom,

Moest aan je denken en ben dus je blog gaan lezen. Maar je weet het. De aandachtsspanne van een simpele strateeg duurt slechts luttele minuten. Dus dan maar een post.

Het is hier leuk, maar lang niet zo leuk als in Vancouver. Vergeet niet te gaan whalewatchen vanuit Vancouver Island. Waar je ook zeker naar het museum moet in Victoria. Voor zover ik weet het enige museum waar je kaartje 2 dagen geldig is omdat er zoveel te zien is. Daar kun je nog eens wat leren over onze planet!

Groet van Anja

Anonymous said...

Hoi Tom,

Alfred hier vanuit Putten, Nederland. Ja dat is wel ergens anders dan in Vancouver. Gaat het een beetje lukken met je boek?
Veel succes en zie je (my eyes) misschien nog wel in Vancouver! Groeten Alfred Boeve