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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

serenity after panic

Had a small moment of panic after returning from lunch at the Vancouver Public Library: my books gone.. But they have the most friendly staff there in the world, be it a little too overanxious in cleaning out working booths. Even one of my own books was gone. But a very friendly man ran downstairs, came up with my book while another searched the whole library for two others and found them, packed already in a box destined to be FedEx'd to the library branch they came from when I ordered them.. MY, they are efficient! Cleaning the booth out, checking the books out and packing them into boxes within an hour!
And then going through all the trouble getting them back for me. Love the people at the VPL!

Marcel and I booked a hotel on the Gulf Islands. Check it out; we love the view. And hey, it was open in April. Don't know if Marcel will love the atmosphere, being more level headed than me. Perhaps we'll start the day greeting the sun and doing some yoga, before doing a healing session? We'll see. Go see for youself: So we'll be on the Galiano island a few days before hitting Victoria to celebrate Marcel's birthday.
If we get to the ferry in time, that is. Seems to be leaving only once a day, at 10.00 AM.
Staying for a week. My last holiday. After that it's work work work.


anke said...

die beren op de bedden deden het hem zeker...

de testimonials (for what it's worth..) zijn in ieder goed:
"Whilst in bed here I sensed creative energy glowing untrammelled through the entire house. I will always remember the peace and serenity of this little retreat."
"By creating this precious space called Serenity by the Sea, you have allowed me to feel so safe, so honored, so revered that this treasured Self has burst forth and I am enchanted with wonder and joy! "
Poe......dat zijn nog eens een 'recensies'.

Anonymous said...

I'm an employee @ VPL (central branch) and just wanted to add my 2 cents...

Always a good idea if you go for lunch to either A. leave a note on your books saying you will return soon. Or B. (and a much better idea) give your books to the desk staff to watch for a while.

NEVER leave your personal belongings alone, even for a minute. No matter what some library staff say theft is a HUGE problem here. I have people come to my desk 5 or more times each day to report a theft.

Also a clarification. We don't fedex books between branches, that would cost way too much. We have our own truck that does the deliveries.

But you are right, VPL staff are great and I love working here. Thanks for loving it too

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

Thanks for the tips. That's another good example of the very good service of the VPL.. Keep it up.
The Serenity was nice, but we did not get any 'self elevating' experiences. We stayed on the ground.. But liked it anyway. And not because of all the teddybears on the bed, Anke!